CE 444: Advanced Structural Engineering

At Christian Brothers University, CE 444 (Advanced Structural Engineering) is a three-credit-hour civil engineering elective course. This course is meant to introduce students to: load analysis from design codes, design of steel beam-columns, indeterminate analysis methods (slope-deflection and moment distribution for beams and frames), and an introduction to finite element analysis (springs, bars, and trusses).

Course Objectives

Attainment of Course Objectives are measured by the assessment mechanisms of: Homework, Quizzes, Projects, Problem Sets, the Mid-Term Exam, and the Final Exam. At the conclusion of this course, with at least 70% accuracy, the student will be able to:

A. Compute factored loads acting on structures

B. Analyze and design steel beam-columns that are part of braced frames

C. Perform the slope-deflection method on beams and braced frames

D. Perform the moment distribution method on beams and braced frames

E. Apply matrix structural analysis methods to axially-loaded systems