CE 340: Design of Foundations

At Christian Brothers University, CE 340 (Design of Foundations) is a three-credit required junior-level civil engineering course that is the follow-up course to Soil Mechanics. In this class, we cover sub-surface investigations and geotechnical reports; bearing capacity of soils, theory and design of shallow and deep foundations; settlement analysis; lateral earth pressure and cantilever retaining walls, and slope stability analysis. We also use computer applications for slope stability. The pre-requisite is CE 322 (Soil Mechanics).

Course Objectives

Attainment of Course Objectives are measured by the assessment mechanisms of: Homework, Quizzes, Projects, Problem Sets, the Mid-Term Exam, and the Final Exam. At the conclusion of this course, with at least 70% accuracy, the student will be able to:

A. Analyze and interpret boring logs and geotechnical reports

B. Analyze slopes

C. Analyze shallow foundations for bearing capacity and settlement limit states

D. Analyze retaining walls for bearing, overturning, and sliding limit states

E. Analyze braced cuts

F. Analyze deep foundations for bearing capacity and settlement limit states