CE 212: Structural Analysis

At Christian Brothers University, CE 212 (Structural Analysis) is a three-credit-hour sophomore-level civil engineering course. It is required for civil engineering majors. This course is meant to introduce students to: load paths and tributary area; analysis of statically determinate beams, frames, and trusses; deflection computation methods; energy methods; influence lines; analysis of statically indeterminate beams, frames, and trusses using the force method; moment distribution; and approximate methods. The course incorporates topics in computer analysis of structures and hands-on lab activities. The pre-requisite for this course is Statics and Mechanics of Materials.

Course Objectives

Attainment of Course Objectives are measured by the assessment mechanisms of: Homework, Quizzes, Projects, Problem Sets, the Mid-Term Exam, and the Final Exam. At the conclusion of this course, with at least 70% accuracy, the student will be able to:

A. Determine dead, live, and environmental loads acting on a structure

B. Analyze statically determinate trusses (internal loads, joint displacements, moving loads)

C. Analyze statically determinate beams (internal loads, deflections, moving loads)

D. Analyze statically determinate frames (internal loads, deflections, moving loads)

E. Analyze statically indeterminate trusses, beams, and frames

F. Analyze structures using computer analysis

G. Determine material properties from a variety of structural analysis testing procedures