CE 113: Civil Engineering Analysis

At Christian Brothers University, CE 113 (Civil Engineering Analysis) is a two-credit-hour freshman-level civil engineering course. It is required for civil engineering majors. This course is meant to introduce students to: mathematical techniques to solve equation systems, techniques to analyze 2D particle equilibrium problems, 2D rigid body equilibrium problems, trusses, beams, frames, centroids, moments of inertia, differential leveling, and site development principles.

Course Objectives

Attainment of Course Objectives are measured by the assessment mechanisms of: Homework, Quizzes, Projects, Problem Sets, the Mid-Term Exam, and the Final Exam. At the conclusion of this course, with at least 70% accuracy, the student will be able to:

A. Apply Linear Algebra techniques to solve systems of linear equations

B. Apply scientific programming techniques using MATLAB to solve a variety of problems

C. Evaluate planar and non-planar vector systems

D. Ensure that particles subject to planar and non-planar forces are in equilibrium

E. Ensure that 2D rigid bodies subject to forces and moments are in equilibrium

F. Determine internal forces in truss systems

G. Determine internal forces and moments in beam and frame structures

H. Compute the centroid and moment of inertia for different shapes

I. Apply differential leveling techniques to determine land elevations